About us

EduGama Foundation is a dynamic institution formed to enhance the intellectual skill and enhances the overall academic proficiency for the students . Our world is developing day by day and we should be in pace with the development. Educational system has also evolved within the past decade. we had a culture were people used to follow Gurukula system. It then has changed to school system. Within the past ten years schools are using Adaptive learning and and Blended Learning . Now we are living the world where we can access everything in our fingertips.

EduGama Foundation has the ancient study methods to the latest technology. We have a curricula which includes ancient abacus method to latest digital class room. EduGama Foundation is developed by the team headed by Mr. .K .Nagulanathan as its chief executive office and introduced world wide .

our services is not only limited to the students but it is also applicable to the parents and teachers.
we provide online classes and classroom classes.

we provide lots of services

1) Abacus training

Our abacus training institution known as Gama Abacus. It was estabilized on 1999 and it was the first abacus training company from kerala. we provide franchise to spread the importance of abacus all over the world.

2) Mental Arithmetic

It is also known as Mental Calculation , that is using only the human brain without the help of any tools or calculators
it is faster than other methods of calculation

3) Memory technique

4) Online classes

We provide online classes to both the students and the teachers. our classes will be one on one class.
you can see reviews of the tutors an and select them. if you selected the tutor then your timing can be fixed