Gama Abacus

Gama Abacus is a dynamic learning institution spreaded world wide, dedicated to imparting of abacus, mental arithmetic and memory technique programs. Our aim is to develop and enhance the intellectual skill and enhances the overall academic proficiency. of our children; the next generation of leaders.

Benefits of Abacus Classes

Abacus Math Class is structured method of learning and practicing the skills of operating Abacus to perform basic math or arithmetic operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division etc. Kids need a guided environment where the can take the instructions and practice the skills to perform mental arithmetic for mental math faster with accuracy and much more. Learning Abacus Math to perform Arithmetic Operations not only improves the ability to perform Mental Arithmetic for Mental Math, but also provides a beneficial ripple effect to their lives by Strengthening their Brain Functions.

kids playing with rainbow abacus
Rainbow abacus from Gama Abacus
cute boy studing abacus
gama abacus student

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